Times Colonist Article about Woodwynn Peace Garden

April 30, 2015

Our Peace Garden project got some coverage today! We’re just about ready for the official opening on Saturday.


(A big “thank you” to Adrian Chamberlain and Bruce Stotesbury)

Labyrinth and sculpture viewing at Woodwynn – ongoing work

September 26, 2013

Today’s local newspaper (The Times Colonist) has a great article about Deryk and Sam… and the Woodwynn labyrinth/sculpture viewing project:

Hope this article motivates people to help out via the Kickstarter initiative. We are extremely grateful to the people who have already contributed – there are 19 days left for the initiative so we’re hoping more people will see this and respond over the next couple of weeks:

and, regarding the Times Colonist article… here is Deryk’s statement in reply to the Central Saanich Councillor who mentions her concern is that the project is “in line with the Agricultural Land Commission’s non farm-use guidelines.”

I certainly agree with Central Saanich Coun. Alicia Cormier that Woodwynn Farms should make good use of the farmland and that is why my work on the farm supports that idea by making sure that every facet of this project is about the edible plants. The first and foremost thought has been focused on the idea that food will be the experience. The area chosen for the site has been an unused portion of the farm that is now going to be put to productive use by growing herbs,fruits and grains. I believe that people will see the interesting sculpture as the background scenery and serve as a draw to attract people who will enjoy the fruits of peoples labour.

I grew up on a farm and I was always dazzled by the art I saw forming before my eyes as a tractor cut the hay and left beautiful creative lines across the field.

The world famous Yorkshire sculpture park, set on farmland in England recognizes these beautiful relationships between life, people, art and farmland. I hope this work will do the same for everyone here in Central Saanich.
Thank you

Deryk Houston – artist

Here’s a “before” picture that I took a few days ago. Working hard to clear up those brambles….