A couple of beauty shots – Remembrance Day at Woodwynn

November 12, 2015


It was the perfect place to be on a sunny November day.sage_November_woodwynn

Planning to build a new piece of sculpture!

January 21, 2015


A while back I wrote a blog post about a sculpture I was envisioning for a very special location at Woodwynn Farms in the Woodwynn Peace Garden:

The idea was based on an Albert Camus quote that truly inspired me: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  (By the way, I would love to know the exact source of this quote – which book, article or ?)

The sculpture was to be called “Solstice.” As it took shape, it became a collaborative piece – by me, Sam and Deryk and we proposed it for the recent Nanaimo public art call.

We are delighted that our proposal has been accepted! We found out yesterday that we are now funded to build the sculpture. It will have its first home in Nanaimo, probably at Maffeo Sutton Park where Deryk and Sam have had previous sculptures installed. As part of a rotating exhibit, it will be returned to us eventually and then it will go to Woodwynn.

The theme is transitions (seasonal or otherwise) that happen to people and to the natural world. It will be in steel and recycled glass. I originally thought that when it eventually moved to Woodwynn, it would be placed to maximize the light during the summer solstice, but as I stood at that location on the morning of winter solstice this past December, I realized that although less people may want to visit in winter, the effect of low winter light rising in the south would be wonderful. So our plan is to have it in the best possible spot to capture the first morning light on the shortest day of the year.


We are really thrilled to be able to add this part to the ongoing project!


New Year’s Eve!

December 31, 2014

The end of the year. Some doors close. Others are just opening.


Every day I feel gratitude for Woodwynn Farms – the project that has been so large in my life this year. And it will be for 2015 as well, I am certain.

It’s more than fitting that the year ended with Richard finding a “portal” into the Peace Garden. A door from an unknown location that had been residing in a loft for who-knows-how-long! Soon the dog, the door, Deryk and I were all in the back of Richard’s truck as he helped to deliver the door to the spot where it fit perfectly. I know doors are standard sizes but I’ve still seen lots of times when it was very hard to find the right door. This was sort of a door miracle in my opinion! And it looks amazing!



Beauty shot of Woodwynn Farms Peace Garden – a work in progress

December 29, 2014


Just a perfect moment that I managed to capture with my cellphone. Found it while looking through December 2014 shots. This project is an important part of my life.

Here’s a link to the site that Deryk maintains with lots of information about it.


Path now fully woodchipped

December 21, 2014




The woodchipping of the path (did I just make up a word?) began with me and a garbage bag. It was a task that seemed pretty daunting because trekking from the distant pile to the path was a slow process and I really didn’t make much progress.

It got a bit better when some of the folks at the farm used a farm truck to move some of the chips closer to the final destination and I was able to move a few more into the labyrinth.  But it was still slow going.

Now the task has been completed, thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers — crossfit folks who demonstrated functional fitness by doing some hard work in the pouring rain! With the perfect truck (and it took what looked like about 10 truckloads), a ramping system for the wheelbarrow and lots of dedicated sweat equity, these folks cheerfully worked all day till the task was done.

Deryk and I are feeling pretty grateful!

The labyrinth with a light dusting of snow

November 29, 2014

We have burlap on all the pathways and hay over all the herb beds, so lately, the image of the labyrinth hasn’t been all that well defined. Last night’s light dusting of snow changed all that though! labyrinthwithsnow And we made wreaths! 2wreathsmadeatwoodwyyn Wonderful to work with cedar and sage, moss and holly (and lots more as well) picked this morning on the farm. Thanks Kate! And wonderful to come home and have a hot water bottle for my feet. Thanks Deryk!