Pop Up Piano

July 5, 2014

Lots going on – including this project of Deryk’s. A decorated outdoor piano for the public to play.  It’s at the foot of Oliver street in Oak Bay. Inspired by John Lennon – Deryk has titled it “Imagine”. There are three (2 other artists did them as well) around the neighbourhood. The pianos were donated and the project involves the municipality of Oak Bay, the Oak Bay Business Improvement Association and Tourism Oak Bay. – See more at:




Piano in Oak Bay

Piano in Oak Bay


And… there’s a tribute to me and the kids on the back!

amySam_nameonPiano elizabethnameonpiano

Deryk and I have work at the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant

July 1, 2013

Although the view is so amazing, the place hardly needs artwork – ours is there for the month of July!