Hello from Woodwynn Peace Garden

February 26, 2015

I’m usually the one behind the camera but Deryk took this photo of me yesterday.

And here’s one I took of him a couple of days ago.

We have been busy…. here’s a little video that shows what it looked like a year and a half ago, a bit of in-between and the current state. We’ll be planting sage and lavender soon!

Path now fully woodchipped

December 21, 2014




The woodchipping of the path (did I just make up a word?) began with me and a garbage bag. It was a task that seemed pretty daunting because trekking from the distant pile to the path was a slow process and I really didn’t make much progress.

It got a bit better when some of the folks at the farm used a farm truck to move some of the chips closer to the final destination and I was able to move a few more into the labyrinth.  But it was still slow going.

Now the task has been completed, thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers — crossfit folks who demonstrated functional fitness by doing some hard work in the pouring rain! With the perfect truck (and it took what looked like about 10 truckloads), a ramping system for the wheelbarrow and lots of dedicated sweat equity, these folks cheerfully worked all day till the task was done.

Deryk and I are feeling pretty grateful!

The Labyrinth from Above

December 1, 2014



These are a couple of shots (from my phone) of the marvelous sightseeing flight we took this morning. Long shadows, a lingering dust of snow on the path… a truly perfect adventure for me, Deryk and Richard.

Deryk has more images and I think he’s putting them on the main Peace Park website right now.
The link is here:

The labyrinth with a light dusting of snow

November 29, 2014

We have burlap on all the pathways and hay over all the herb beds, so lately, the image of the labyrinth hasn’t been all that well defined. Last night’s light dusting of snow changed all that though! labyrinthwithsnow And we made wreaths! 2wreathsmadeatwoodwyyn Wonderful to work with cedar and sage, moss and holly (and lots more as well) picked this morning on the farm. Thanks Kate! And wonderful to come home and have a hot water bottle for my feet. Thanks Deryk!

Sage beds put to bed for the winter

November 14, 2014

I haven’t posted in a while – just too tired each day upon return home. But I have lots of photos and will make a new video soon.

Labyrinth update for the past month (in a nutshell). More restructuring of area around the labyrinth and truckloads of soil added to the beds. We are now in the process of covering those beds with mulch to be ready to plant 500 sage and 200 lavender plants in the spring. The thistles still require a certain amount of attention, but we have hope that this is manageable. I guess the spring will tell us for sure.

We’re lining the paths with burlap coffee bags — thank you Level Ground! I cannot say enough good things about this local company, which is more than just coffee – although that would be enough in my opinion 🙂  — and then we’re covering the burlap with wood chips. Deryk and I are busy busy busy!

These photos are from yesterday.

photo 1

photo 5

Final Stone in Labyrinth

October 5, 2014


The last stone, ready to put in place



It’s done!!!


The stonework for the labyrinth is complete. There are more stones required in other places along the path, but we are feeling pretty happy about getting to this point!

So close to finishing the stonework!

October 2, 2014


We have sore muscles but we have something to show for it!