Volunteers at Woodwynn Today

October 3, 2015

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The day was perfect. Clear and bright. Our blue-shirt volunteers helped with the weeding, they created clear spaces around each apple tree and added wood chips to the pathways. Many had been last year – they noticed a difference and we appreciate their dedication.


August 26, 2015


Okay Miss Vicky – the bad pun in the title of this posting is for YOU!

But the post is really about harvesting sage. We have a LOT of it! It smells amazing as I clip it and I’m pretty sure that breathing that fragrance truly does clear my mind 🙂

As they say, “sage advice“…

Here are photos. Yesterday I harvested a few leaves each from about 30 of our 500 plants. It was really only a slight tidying of those plants. I just clipped a few bits that were sticking up and the plants I worked with still look very full. That gave me about five full grocery bags (11 racks in the drying room). So, there’s more available for sure!

sagelavenderfragrantsage viewfromBarnAug25  labyrinthsageAug25 sagewithGatesofOpportunity elizharvestingsage


I really should do the rest – it will help the plants form a full round shape, rather than get leggy and tall.


July 17, 2015


The sage and lavender plants in the Woodwynn Peace garden are growing. We’ve had a heat wave and many many dry days this summer so regular hand watering (our only option) has been required. It’s hot work, but the wonderful view, the fragrance, the sounds of eagles (and other birds, drones, and sometimes even parachutists), being right there near the ground with baby lizards that are only 3 inches long — as well as having delicious blackberries nearby — already ripe in early July, well, there are a lot of things that make it all worthwhile.

And we can’t begin to say how grateful we are to know that other folks love this garden and want to look after it too! Thank you to ALL who have been helping along the way. And to all who visit and enjoy a few peaceful moments in this very special location.

We are still pulling small thistles constantly and there are rogue blackberries that need to be monitored in a few places on the labyrinth and in the sage beds. Funny how those blackberries are friends when they grow a few meters outside of the garden but enemies when they appear inside 🙂


Please see http://www.twoglassyladies.ca/peacesanctuary/?page_id=43 for more information about when the garden is open and how it came to be….

Video of the Woodwynn Peace Garden

June 17, 2015

Video of the Woodwynn Peace Garden – by Shaw TV South Vancouver Island.

I love how this video conveys the message of hope that *is* Woodwynn Farms. As Terrance tells us – stay on the path and don’t get lost!

Woodwynn Peace Garden is now open to the public

May 3, 2015

Anytime the Woodwynn Farm market is open, folks can also visit the Peace Garden and walk the labyrinth.

We were sooooo happy about the official opening yesterday. The turnout was wonderful, the weather was perfect and it was a truly emotional day.

Here are some photos (not all are from yesterday, but most are).

Sam Houston Sculpture

Note that Samuel’s sculpture “Borrowed Light” was installed in time for the opening day. I hadn’t posted about that yet. It’s been a busy time for us!

Woodwynn Peace Garden follow the path sign







So close to finishing the stonework!

October 2, 2014


We have sore muscles but we have something to show for it!

Petition for Homefulness

July 18, 2014

woodwynnshedThere is a civil suit against Woodwynn and I’m hoping people will sign the petition to stop this action.

If Woodwynn lost, the impact would be devastating to many people who have worked very hard.

The arguments against the farm relate to the agricultural land reserve rules – the farm wants to house more people (participants in the program) than would normally be allowed and it would amount to a small part (less than 1%) of the farm being used in a way that wasn’t in the ALR rules. The municipality *could* apply to have the rules modified for a special purpose like this – because the farm really is doing good work with the homeless. But instead, the municipality has decided to take it to court and losing the case would mean the farm would have to shut down.

In its five years of operation, no resident on the farm has ever caused a disturbance. The only police files relate to people from outside who came and trespassed and even vandalized the farm.

You don’t have to be a local in Central Saanich to sign the petition. There are regional, national and even international implications for the treatment model used on this farm.

I guess that’s all. Hopefully it helps you to understand why I am lobbying for this.

Here’e the link to the petition.