CEET Meet collections now launched on iTunes U.

December 11, 2012

blogbannerCEET is the Community of Expertise in Educational Technology. It includes a grass-roots Ning social media site, http://ceetbc.ning.com, helping educators create, use and manage digital resources to support best practices.

“Join CEET to to get advice from experts, exchange ideas and resources with peers, ask questions/get answers, and discover ways to improve teaching and learning with technology.” You can do this via discussion forums, shared videos and other resources, and through CEET Meets, which are free and open online professional learning opportunities via Moodle. You can go to the site, join a current or upcoming Ceet Meet or view the archives.

Recently, a small handful of collections derived from recent CEET meets has been made available via iTunes U. I’ve had the privilege of working with Mark Hawkes on the development of these initial collections.

The way to access these resources is to
1. go to iTunes
2. pick the iTunes store
3. search the store for CEET (or Community Expertise Educational Technology)

As you probably know, iTunes U is based on the engine that was initially developed by Apple for music downloads. The iTunes music download experience is widely used and very familiar to many. The iTunes U brand has the benefit of being very recognized in the educational field and the number of collections will be growing in the near future as our plan is to create templates so that any CEET participant could create materials for iTunes U. The template would reference back to the CEET Ning site to ensure that iTunes U users would be aware of other CEET resources. iTunes U is great for content delivery, but lacks the social component that is important to CEET’s overall success.

iTunes U collections are accessed just as downloadable music would be via iTunes – on a computer or a mobile device. As their name suggests, a collection is a group of theme-based resources and can include PDFs, video files, audio files and each collection is accompanied by sidebar weblinks. Once a user has accessed a collection, in many ways, the environment is not qualitatively that much different from a website with annotated links.

It is important to note that CEET Meets are teacher-developed and the CEET iTunes U collections are based on these. The hope is for BC teachers to be directly developing their own iTunes U content at some point in the very near future.

If any of this is of interest to you, please go to http://ceetbc.ning.com

The CEET materials on iTunes U are breaking some new ground for Canadian Pro-D. K-12 content and postsecondary content suitable for teacher pro-D is widely available via iTunes U. This content comes from many parts of the world but Canada has not been a big player at this point so it’s an exciting time for Canadians to start becoming a part of this.