Glass Project – Recycling Centre Richmond BC

June 8, 2013

My own news is that I finally completed the six glass mosaic pieces and delivered them to Richmond. Art in Unexpected Places will soon be a reality for the Richmond Recycling Centre. The stand, being built by the welding shop folks – is going to be perfect!

Here are some shots. They want me to be there for the day it is actually installed, so I’ll obviously get more photos then!

Glass in the Kiln

Glass in the Kiln

Kiln Run for Richmond

Kiln Run for Richmond

Chunks and base glass all ready for assembly to begin

Chunks and base glass all ready for assembly to begin


Evening shot – early stages


The next evening – a bit more complete


Finished pieces




How it will fit in the stand


The stand will be powder coated in a rich blue colour

Eco Workshop

March 21, 2013

Theheartiseverywhere (this piece is called “The Heart is Everywhere”)

Join me for an “Eco Workshop” – I’m giving a Glass-on-glass mosaic demo
Monday April 29 7 – 8:30 p.m. $18
Register April 2 at Monterey Rec Centre.

More info about my process is here:

Elizabeth at Point no Point

February 10, 2013

Deryk’s new painting.elizpointnopoint

I love how he has captured the way the indoors and the outdoors can sometimes blend into one and I also love how he has shown how comfy it can be on a crisp winter day to sit near the fire and read.

See his website:

The Children’s International Peace and Harmony Statue

October 21, 2012

The Children’s International Peace and Harmony Statue

Finally – a bit of clear time to write a final post about the 2012 road trip that took us from Nova Scotia through to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, and then through about 20 states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.) I said it in my first posting when I returned home, but I need to say it again: It Was The Trip Of A Lifetime! So many wonderful people….

Now — the thing that (perhaps) sums it all up….

We had long dreamed of a road trip across rural parts of America, but what made it a reality for us was the opportunity to personally collect a piece of sculpture that had been generously donated to Deryk’s Peace Sanctuary Sculpture Park in Northern BC.

The trip gave us a chance for both new learning and closure — things that would have been missed had we done the more obvious thing and had the work professionally shipped to its destination. We are extremely glad that we made the trip. Over the years we had made connections with people through email and phone calls, and this was our chance to meet them in person.

So, my earlier posting about our car – which took a lighthearted view at what was involved in getting the sculpture from Indiana to our home (it isn’t at its final location yet) – tells a bit of the story of just how we approached the physical part of the process.

But this posting (much more difficult to write) is to talk about the significance of art we encountered on our trip, especially the sculpture that we will eventually take to the northern part of BC.

How, you might ask, did a large bronze sculpture come to be donated from Laconia Indiana to eventually end up near Fort St John BC? It’s a long, complicated story that started well over ten years ago and began with our children’s book about peace (Echoes from the Square), a story that took place in the then war-devastated city of Sarajevo and featured a cellist whose music gave hope to that city. Our book connected us to a boy named Jason Crowe in Indiana whose journey throughout the project has been truly amazing. Jason worked to raise funds for a sculpture to be created by David Kocka – an artist he greatly admired and whose work, as you’ll see in these photos, has a very special spiritual, inspiring quality.

Jason and David visualized a bronze cellist playing in the square of a peaceful Sarajevo. Part of that dream came true – Sarajevo is now free from war. But there were roadblocks that prevented the sculpture from being realized in the form that Jason had originally wanted. So the sculpture was revisualized as a group of children, playing harmoniously and reaching to each other — “The Children’s International Peace and Harmony Statue”. Ultimately it was decided that the sculpture should stay in North America. It will be on display at the Prince George Art Gallery (BC) and then will eventually be installed at Deryk’s Peace Sanctuary Sculpture Park.

We feel privileged to have had the chance to get to know these people.

Jason is now a young man, and we know that the experience of promoting peace in this way has shown him many aspects of how people interact with each other. We are certain that a love of the arts will continue to be an important part of his life.

We are thrilled that the Peace Sanctuary Sculpture Park will be a showcase for the final result of Jason’s vision. I know that this post doesn’t convey the depth of effort here — the evolving ideas, conversations, challenges, love, frustration and the many many people involved over the years. Hopefully, the sculpture itself contains all of those things and when people see it, they will be able to form an understanding of what it represents.


October 24 – adding a quote I had forgotten to include in this post. When the conversation about art came round to the topic of fame, David Kocka said a wonderful thing — that he wanted to be a “celebrant, not a celebrity.”

I love that idea as the reason for making art. Art is a way to share the things we believe are worth celebrating about. I see that in David’s work and thank him for it.

Amy’s Goddess Beads

July 2, 2012

Tutorial Video (Amy making her Goddess beads)

Watch for her book “The Goddess Journey” – soon to be available via Blurb.

Vedran performs again in Sarajevo

April 6, 2012

Vedran Smailovic had not performed in his hometown of Sarajevo for twenty years.

Yesterday, April 5, marked the 20th anniversary of the shelling of that city and Vedran returned to play his cello again.

Cellist of Sarajevo, Vedran Smailović from Marcel van der Steen on Vimeo.

Here’s a news article about the event.–spt.html

I have always viewed Vedran’s actions during the siege as an example of the power of the arts to give people hope. It’s about picking up the pieces and rebuilding and it’s a perfect message to think of once again at Easter. Springtime is a new beginning.

(Above is a video of me reading my book about Vedran Smailovic: “Echoes from the Square” with artwork by my husband, Deryk Houston)

Deryk Houston’s Art Exhibition

February 28, 2012

My husband, Deryk Houston, is an artist.  At the moment he has an exhibition of paintings at Eclectic Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria, BC. You can view the work at the gallery till April 7, 2012.

Muskwa Kechika Painting

Muskwa Kechika - a painting by Deryk Houston

The exhibition is full of colour and strong images, with paintings of local scenes, northern wilderness and memories from Deryk’s childhood. For me, these paintings speak of the joy of daily life. The beauty depicted in these works is why we strive for a world of peace — to allow the fields to continue to sustain us and the wilderness to continue to flourish.

Deryk is blogging with stories related to some of the paintings in the show. Here is a link to his first posting in that series, about his trip to the Muskwa Kechika (depicted in the painting above) in the BC’s North East:

As of March 16, 2012, there are eight more stories to share: Crows among the Seeds Cider Apples Next Generation Beautiful Soft Folds Gonzales Bay Springtime Renewal Shadows and Light Blackbirds and Prayers

And a new story, guest blogged by me on March 25: Blackbirds Rise Across the Fields

And here’s a little video I made showing Deryk painting at a nearby beach called Point no Point.