Deryk’s “LOVE” exhibition

February 13, 2016

elizamyderykLOVEThe show, which celebrates LOVE (and the Beatles) runs till the end of February (the month of love) – actually it runs till March 6!

The opening was fantastic and we had a lot of fun channeling the 60s.  For more information, go to Deryk’s website at

And check out his blog posts, which have information about each of the paintings.



January 6, 2016

Fantastic drone footage and more — in this video that we made for Deryk’s upcoming “LOVE” exhibition at Art Works Gallery in Vancouver. Contact Deanna Geisheimer for more information (604) 688-3301

Hope that many of you will be able to attend. The opening is February 12, 2016.

We are super excited and thank Dale Clark for his drone photography, Amy Hall for her cello performance, Sam Houston for the sculptures as well as the sound tech work.

And of course, Deryk Houston and Richard Leblanc!


Oh yeah, I have helped out a bit too 🙂

Beautiful start to the New Year

January 1, 2016


Also, see our “teaser” video on YouTube: Amy playing cello at Woodwynn

Etsy and me

August 30, 2013

I’ve joined Etsy – and wow is it ever an interesting community. I’ve spent hours browsing and getting a feeling about just what people out there enjoy making and sharing.

The Etsy site allows folks to connect with each other – offering many ways to search for items, materials, themes, etc.; to find or create teams of crafters with similar interests and similar issues; to curate collections called ‘treasuries’ and express a moment of pleasure you’ve had while exploring an idea and seeing who else thought of it (and seeing how their own expression unfolded).

Etsy is also about selling vintage things – so I’m finding some odd things in stored boxes around the house and the act of sorting and photographing them to sell to someone who might truly cherish them –well, it definitely makes the idea of parting with family possessions a lot easier. For instance, I love the idea of old greeting cards being sold to another crafter who will make them into an amazing collage or … who knows?

And of course I’m putting my own glass art on Etsy as well.
Here are my first Etsy Treasuries. I find the process of building these to be a delightful way to find out about what other crafters are doing. The rules don’t allow you to promote your own work on a treasury – but I do tend to slip in Deryk and Amy 🙂 I think I might be doing more of these….

The Catcher in the Rye and the Dakota

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night:


Music is Love that Connects People

Oh and here’s my shop:

The Goddess Journey

July 9, 2012

The Goddess Journey

Our daughter Amy has created a beautiful, personal book using her lampwork goddess creations as a way of expressing her feelings about the many dimensions of womanhood.

She describes it as:

… a collection of photographs of my goddess beads with some of my writings about the story behind each one. It’s available for sale through Blurb. I am so proud of this piece of work as it had some very special meanings for me. I worked on this project while I was going through a difficult period, and it really helped me to find my strength and safety in my life amidst a lot of chaos…..
when writing about it in her blog at:

The Goddess of Fathomless Deeps

I think I agree with Amy when she says…. “A Woman’s Soul is an Ocean.”

The blurb link for this very special book is:

Amy’s Goddess Beads

July 2, 2012

Tutorial Video (Amy making her Goddess beads)

Watch for her book “The Goddess Journey” – soon to be available via Blurb.

Lampwork by Amy Hall

June 30, 2012

It’s pretty wonderful having a daughter with this kind of talent!

Together, we are the “Two Glassy Ladies“.

Goddess of Flow

April 13, 2012

Our daughter Amy is writing a book that showcases her glass goddesses and explains their meaning.

Here is an example of what she has written for one of the pages, including images of her art. I can’t think of a better metaphor for life.

When working with hot glass,the right amount of flow is needed. Too much, and you can lose control of the piece – its shape becomes lost. Not enough, and the work becomes stuck, the glass unformed. Glass needs heat to
 melt and flow, but not too much all at once, and the right balance 
must be found.
The same is true for life.
When things are flowing right, life can be wonderful. Too much, and it can be out of control. And with not enough, once can become immobilized. The
 Goddess of Flow finds the balance that allows emotion, sensation,
and thought, all to flow perfectly, without creating over- or
It is like a song played at just the right tempo.
It is a connection with nature and being perfectly in tune with the 
universe. It is something we all have the power within ourselves to 
achieve – the Goddess of Flow helps to show us the way.