This page is where we’re keeping our Spanish notes — Deryk and I are taking lessons 🙂

coco cab Havana

coco cab Havana

BIG DISCLAIMER (all my notes are likely to contain errors)

DuoLingo site (recommended by Mike) – nicely paced exercises.

Some basic sites we’ve found to be useful.
Coffee Break Spanish lessons!!!
These are short and fun. – livemocha is great but you need to be in the Chrome browser for it to work.

Spanish Sentence match with audio – so you hear and see a sentence and then guess from four choices about what it means in English. Usually you’ll recognize some words and the guessing helps you learn other words and sentence structure. You get immediate feedback (green or pink) too!

We’re also using podcasts via iTunes. “The News in Slow Spanish” is great! (I am just starting to look at their webpage as well).

And here is a very important phrase:
como se dice (how do you say…..)

Links to lessons


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