GLASS-On-GLASS MOSAICS: Elizabeth Wellburn

Elizabeth melted her first piece of glass about seven years ago at a workshop in the wonderful “Starfish” studio that used to be on Yates Street in Victoria, BC, Canada. Since then she has been passionate about glass as an art form, has studied at the Pilchuck school near Seattle and has developed a special interest in recycled materials. Her work is created from discarded bottles, chipped serving dishes and old stemware along with other small scraps of glass from any source she can access. Her friends are well aware of her tendencies….

Discarded windows from heritage houses are often used as her canvas. Her translucent glass-on-glass mosaics look wonderful when light can flow through them, but they are also effective against a wall with light shining on them.

Elizabeth’s studio is now in her home, and she has scoured the internet to learn as much as she can about kilnforming and other glass techniques. One of her favourite “precision tools” is a sledgehammer and her kiln runs most days of the year. She makes her own plaster molds to add details (such as hearts, insects, seashells and musical notes) to her work.

CURRENT WORK: Most of her pieces are named after movie titles and Jazz Standards. Since the materials of her creations are recycled, Elizabeth believes that the titles should be recycled as well. Her most recent major project, called “Memento,” is a large installation in Richmond BC, for their “Art in Unexpected Places” initiative.

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