Jacqueline Waddington Condolences | The Times Colonist

March 10, 2019

Sharing an obituary, along with a screenshot and some photos. I only got to know her later in her life, but I am glad for the time we had.Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 10.10.58 AM



Source: Jacqueline Waddington Condolences | The Times Colonist

A new “about” video from KidCareCanada

March 7, 2019

Just an update that I’m still working with KidCareCanada and I’m happy to share this new one-minute “About” video that showcases the new website.

Fallen Leaf Gallery

August 3, 2018


I have work in Canmore Alberta now! At a great gallery called “Fallen Leaf”

Shown here are two of the pieces I’ve shipped to them – Each on an upcycled cabinet door…. called “Sophisticated Lady 1” and “Sophisticated Lady 2”




January 18, 2018

No Words.


Life in Love with Art, Two Artists; One Household

January 10, 2018
Billie Holiday wrote a song with a title that I just had to use for my new piece! “I gotta right to sing the blues.”
My glass on glass mosaics and Deryk’s paintings will be part of an event on February 8 at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, along with the work of several other couples and we’re all going to talk a bit about ourselves.


It’s in preparation for Valentine’s Day – so attendees can find out what it’s like to be two artists in a relationship. Hopefully none of the couples will share anything as sad as the song that inspired my glass piece.

I gotta right to sing the blues

I gotta right to sing the blues

Solstice 2017

December 21, 2017


Some leftover snow and lots of hairy frost made this morning special!




Great things at Woodwynn

December 6, 2017


So many wonderful things at Woodwynn Farms lately – the market is thriving, the Peace Garden has irrigation (thanks to UVic students who acquired a grant and did a LOT of work!) and, well, the picture above might be related to the collection of water but I think it must be that Deryk has joined SETI and is trying to hear that message from ET!