My blog about

    • education
    • education as impacted by technology (social change, critical thinking, information literacy
    • the participatory web and roles of the citizen (e.g. sharing our cognitive surplus)
    • peace/conflict resolution
    • creativity over destructiveness
    • civic responsibility/resisting unwanted influences
    • the role of culture and the arts in all of the above
    • and… even a little bit about my own life

I work with KIDCARECANADA and have posted about it here: https://elizabethtweets.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/kidcarecanada/

I’m @ewellburn on Twitter


My daughter and I work in glass as the Two Glassy Ladies  http://www.twoglassyladies.ca
Here is my Etsy store (glass and vintage things)

And, here’s a selfie…

7 Responses to About

  1. stephanie says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    My name is Stephanie and I am currently a student at the London Film School. I am about to graduate next spring but before I do I have to complete a graduation film to be presented to my school and professors.
    There are many beautiful stories I want to tell and so many things in the world that interest me but a story I have gone back to again and again is the story of Vedran Smailovic. His actions during the siege after the massacre are a moving piece of reality that storytellers could only dream of telling.
    Needless to say, every time I have gone back to him through my research I have also come across your beautiful story ‘ Echoes from the Square’. I have listened to the story as read by you and also read the book and find it to be moving, thoughtful, and inspiring.
    I have been working on a short story which takes inspiration from the actions taken by Smailovic and from your book. It is not the same story but I do reference it throughout.
    I have not submitted this story to my course tutor as I know that legally I would not be allowed to present it to the public without your permission.
    The film project I am planning is short-only 20 min. and would only be shown to the faculty and students at my university at the end of my term (unless it gets picked up by festivals).
    This is a very informal way of asking, I realize, but I would like to know if you would give consent to my using references from your book in order to make my film?
    This was the only way I could contact you because unfortunately I haven’t found a personal email address, so I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this and Im very much looking forward to your response.

    kind regards,
    stephanie trainer

  2. Robyn Slakey says:

    I tried to link to you blog posting that Pilchuck mentioned and couldn’t get to it. Also, where could I view more of your work?
    Robyn Slakey

  3. beautiful sharing ..

    thanks …
    x00x mona & the girls

  4. elisabeth miller says:

    Elizabeth. I am looking for ways to secure the glass on glass mosaics. My choices have not worked well. Can you share what glue or product you ruse on both the indoor and outdoor mosaics. I don’t want any grout at all.
    Your can reach me at e.miller@sasktel.net

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