George Essihos


I was very sad to hear today of the death of George Essihos on Wednesday.

I didn’t know about him, or his music, until just a few years ago. Since then, his performances and recordings have brought me a lot of joy and have helped me understand jazz, and perhaps a few other things, in a new way.

I feel honoured to have met him, and grateful that I got to hear him play on several occasions, including what I believe was his last public performance, in Mill Bay, early in 2015.

I guess you could say that once I discovered him, I made a point of getting to know him as best I could, and I’d like to think that in some way my family and I brought a bit of joy to his life as well, through the friendship we cultivated.

George visited us at the Peace Garden at Woodwynn Farms a few weeks before the official opening. Photos on this page show him with a glass-on-glass mosaic I had made, inspired by his performance of “I’m Beginning to See the Light.”

Like many others, I am wishing that there could be a chance to hear him play again.


2 Responses to George Essihos

  1. Just an additional comment to say that there was an amazing May 13, 2017 tribute concert. It featured original members of the George Essihos trio (Joey Smith on Bass and Don Leppard on drums) along with Richard Bird on piano. I felt it was a privilege to be there.

  2. Wiluya says:

    Yes, it was a fitting and beautiful tribute to George! Having been blessed by piano lessons with George for some years we enjoyed the musical memorial! l feel happy to have tapes of him playing my practise pieces for many lessons! Wonderful to meet you and Deryk at Woodwyn Farm (by serendipity as we were passing by on Aboriginal Day June 21st on the way to Tseycum celebrations and NO LNG in Saanich Inlet). Your gorgeous glass work, the Peace Garden and labyrinth, sculptures, shop and whole place is delightful and magical! I/we can’t wait to visit again!

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