Beginning of Labyrinth Layout

On Thursday we got the first outer rings of the labyrinth mapped out. It’s very exciting!! 


Yesterday we got close to the centre but there are so many little thistles popping up. We started to see them within a week of leveling the ground and the tilling hasn’t gotten rid of them – they are deep and they run roots in all directions under the ground. So we are taking the time to pull them.


Looks like some small sticks on a pillowcase but it’s actually a fairly large tarp and those roots are big!

Today we’re pretty sure we will have competed the full labyrinth (in linear form) to be visible on the ground. The lines we are making will become the centre of a chip path – rows of plantings (not sure what yet) will be in between the rings of the path.

As for the thistles – with almost daily weeding, I am keeping them at bay in Apple Tree Lane – so we know they *can* be managed. Sort of. 

Lots more pictures to come from me  – and there’s info on Deryk’s website too.


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