A hint of what the labyrinth will be like with sculptures installed

Early Morning at Woodwynn

Early Morning at Woodwynn

“The Children’s International Peace and Harmony Statue”, by American artist David Kocka was moved onto the site on Aug 2, followed by Deryk and Samuel’s sculpture “Points of Origin”.

Both are shown in the above photo, shot by me on August 3 (yesterday), early in the morning.

And I have found a quote that inspires me for the glass and metal sculpture that I’ll be doing with Sam. I’ve known for a while that it’s title will be “Solstice” and now I think an Albert Camus quote has to be part of it as well

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

To me this fits the spirit of Woodwynn Farms and it evokes the idea of transitions (seasonal or otherwise) that happen to people and to the natural world. Short days do get longer. Long days do get shorter.

I don’t know yet if this quote is from a book, essay or ? but I will find out. I’ve seen the quote online as both “in the *midst* of winter…” and “in the *depth* of winter” which of course is probably just related to the translation from the French. Either way is fine, and my hope is for the rising summer solstice sun to glow through warm-coloured recycled glass and convey a feeling of invincible summer. I am excited about this project. The location saved for the piece is perfect – a corner of the labyrinth perimeter where the view down the valley is stunning. I know Samuel will create a beautiful welded shape and I will have the fun of working with the glass that will be incorporated.

Today is a day for reflection on many things, and the Albert Camus quote can certainly be a good starting point.

Finally…. here is my own little thought today about the meaning of solstice…. “Sometimes time must turn around in order to move forward”

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