Old enough to know better

“Old enough to know better” is the name for an exhibition I’m doing with my husband
Deryk Houston at Sooke Harbour House where we’re featured artists for the month of September. That’s only a month away!

The title of our show was inspired by one of Deryk’s recent paintings. He completed it on the lawn of the Empress one recent Sunday while I basked in the shade and it included the two of us floating above some farmland that has lots of the qualities of the Saanich Peninsula where we’ve been volunteering and building a labyrinth/sculpture park for Woodwynn Farms Therapeutic community for hopefulness. If you’ve seen this blog before, you’ll know that lot of our time is spent there… no wonder the beauty of the area permeates our work.

Deryk’s painting is here

Too Old to Waste Any More Time

Too Old to Waste Any More Time

“Old enough to know better” also relates to my hoarding (I call it collecting inventory) tendencies when it comes to vintage glass and to the titles of my pieces, which are named after old movies or old jazz standards. For me it’s all about linking the past to the present – through preservation, upcycling, reworking, etc.

How Deep is the Ocean?

How Deep is the Ocean?

This glass on glass mosaic got its title from an Irving Berlin song that was written in 1932 – old enough to…….

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