Woodwynn Farm – Believe in People

So much has happened recently related to Deryk’s Peace Sanctuary Sculpture Park. There’s a big story to tell and I know that Deryk will write about it eventually. But today we are especially excited because the Sculpture Park has found a new home and it’s Woodwynn Farm Therapeutic Community!


We met Richard LeBlanc (Founder & Executive Director ) today and saw the location where the sculptures will find a home. It’s a full circle because Deryk’s first hayfield art project on that very same property.


The above image is from approximately 13 years ago.

Here are some photos from today. Much more to come…..






Above are a couple of the beautiful old structures at Woodwynn.


Below are snapshots of the “bone-yard” area where the sculptures and walkway will go (and of the vistas from that spot). It will be really interesting to compare these to the “after” photos and to photos as the project progresses.























One Response to Woodwynn Farm – Believe in People

  1. Deryk *has* started writing about it –
    blog post here: http://www.derykhouston.com/?p=2392 – Peace Sanctuary Sculpture Park website link here: http://peacesanctuarysculpturepark.org

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