Wild Horses

One of the most breathtaking and unexpected events on the trip took place while driving on highway 160 in Arizona, on the northeast corner of the state where you’re still very close to the Utah border. This is dry flat land and the roads are empty. On our left, we saw a group of horses running towards the road. At first far away, they gained ground very quickly, heading to a passage that would take them under the road. We were able to pull over, jump out of the car with our cameras and take some quick pictures as they thundered through. It happened in an instant and soon the horses were far in the distance again.

But the sound, the heat and the dust were all encapsulated into an unforgettable moment. The beauty of these animals was incredible.

A man on horseback, with a dog, had been following the group and he stopped to talk to us. He told us that they were, indeed, wild horses and he said he enjoyed following them for the fun of it. I asked if I could take his picture and he said yes. I offered to give an apple to his horse, and he said no. Priceless!

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By the way, I haven’t adjusted the colours or contrast or anything in these photos. The iPhone just seemed to find a white point as I shot down from above the culvert. When I shot into the distance, the colours became more natural.


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