Camping, sunsets and wine

It’s probably pretty obvious why camping, sunsets and wine are grouped together in my mind.

It’s truly wonderful to sit by a campfire and drink something made locally – perhaps from a vineyard visited earlier in the day — then watch the sun set and drift off to sleep in the woods. Perfect weather didn’t hurt! (and basically, that’s what we had with one day’s exception in PEI – and that night we were lucky to have a camping cabin rather than our tent).

But although the weather stayed dry throughout the rest of our trip, we actually didn’t camp after we got Sam and the sculpture. The car was packed and much of the gear was stowed near the spare tire underneath several hundred pounds of bronze sculpture (more about the car and the sculpture in future postings). Motels were often easier to find than campsites in the middle states anyway.

But the camping we did do during our first two weeks was great – noisier than I remember though. Birds, crickets and frogs (probably some other creatures too) made the nights sound like a jungle. I think Pennsylvania might have been the loudest! And I recall waking there to hear the Amish carts at work before dawn (more about that in future postings too). Because we were near the end of the season, there were often very few tenters but in the campsites where RVs were allowed, we learned that lots of people make RV camping a lifestyle and stay in one spot for long periods of time.


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