Books from my childhood

I want to share things about my trip, but not in a chronological way, so here’s my first theme: books from my childhood

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My love of reading started very early in my childhood, and on this trip we were able to set foot on locations associated with three of the many authors I loved as a child (and shared with my own children). There is something magical about being in places that inspired or were part of stories I’ve known all my life….

Lucy Maude Montgomery set the Anne stories in her cousin’s home “Green Gables” and the location is now beautifully preserved offering opportunities to view the house and walk through gardens and wooded paths where the stories took place. We had a leisurely time there. It’s safe to say if you visit Prince Edward Island you are likely to find it easy to find Anne. We loved it.

Mark Twain’s home in Hartford Connecticut was glorious and nestled in a beautiful park-like part of the town — but we arrived somewhat late and were just in time for the final tour. This left us no time for the museum which I suspect was also amazing. This house was definitely opulent with whimsical architecture (lots of decoration by Tiffany) and the school room within gave a real sense of his love for his daughters. Interior photos were not allowed but the exterior gives a good sense of the style throughout. This home was nearly torn down to make room for apartments!

And the Little House on the Prairie …. near Independence Kansas! I’d say that adding this to our trip probably allowed us to see more side roads and unusual locations than most people see on a cross-country visit to the US. GPS did not serve us well that day as the location is truly in the middle of nowhere. We asked a lone fellow walking down a dusty narrow road and he gave us directions that got us there five minutes *after* closing time. But the woman in charge was still there and when she heard how far we’d travelled she told us she couldn’t possibly close up until we’d had a look around! Again, it was a thrill to see the well that Charles had dug and although the house itself is a replica, it’s still amazing to see how it was constructed and how tiny it was.

In all these places I felt a bit like a pilgrim.

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