Remembering Auntie Elvira

A lot of childhood memories came back for me today. And a lot of early-in-our-marriage memories bubbled up for both me and Deryk. It was definitely worth the trip to participate in the celebration of my aunt’s life. To connect and reconnect.

It was amazing to hear the stories of her boundless energy and to see how much she was loved. Not everyone lives a life that would lead to such a gathering.

What is a family? There are so many aspects….

I am tired from the journey but feel I have write something to express my love for the people I celebrated with today. My family. Even though I haven’t seen some of them in decades – they are part of me in a very real way. I felt accepted and acknowledged. I thank them all from a very deep place.

Perhaps we all find various parts of ourselves in many places. Close-knit or scattered. Bloodlines or fate. Things we know or things that will never be revealed to us. At this moment I think I can live with the gaps.


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