Goddess of Flow

Our daughter Amy is writing a book that showcases her glass goddesses and explains their meaning.

Here is an example of what she has written for one of the pages, including images of her art. I can’t think of a better metaphor for life.

When working with hot glass,the right amount of flow is needed. Too much, and you can lose control of the piece – its shape becomes lost. Not enough, and the work becomes stuck, the glass unformed. Glass needs heat to
 melt and flow, but not too much all at once, and the right balance 
must be found.
The same is true for life.
When things are flowing right, life can be wonderful. Too much, and it can be out of control. And with not enough, once can become immobilized. The
 Goddess of Flow finds the balance that allows emotion, sensation,
and thought, all to flow perfectly, without creating over- or
It is like a song played at just the right tempo.
It is a connection with nature and being perfectly in tune with the 
universe. It is something we all have the power within ourselves to 
achieve – the Goddess of Flow helps to show us the way.


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