Deryk Houston’s Art Exhibition

My husband, Deryk Houston, is an artist.  At the moment he has an exhibition of paintings at Eclectic Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria, BC. You can view the work at the gallery till April 7, 2012.

Muskwa Kechika Painting

Muskwa Kechika - a painting by Deryk Houston

The exhibition is full of colour and strong images, with paintings of local scenes, northern wilderness and memories from Deryk’s childhood. For me, these paintings speak of the joy of daily life. The beauty depicted in these works is why we strive for a world of peace — to allow the fields to continue to sustain us and the wilderness to continue to flourish.

Deryk is blogging with stories related to some of the paintings in the show. Here is a link to his first posting in that series, about his trip to the Muskwa Kechika (depicted in the painting above) in the BC’s North East:

As of March 16, 2012, there are eight more stories to share: Crows among the Seeds Cider Apples Next Generation Beautiful Soft Folds Gonzales Bay Springtime Renewal Shadows and Light Blackbirds and Prayers

And a new story, guest blogged by me on March 25: Blackbirds Rise Across the Fields

And here’s a little video I made showing Deryk painting at a nearby beach called Point no Point.

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