Porcelain Unicorn

My friend Sheila from Boston sent me a link to this video, which, almost without words, speaks volumes about compassion. It’s about two individuals, and it fits with things I’ve been thinking about lately (and blogging about, in recent posts) regarding the beautiful ways we could relate to each other as individuals if we could just strip away our preconceptions based on nationalities, religions, etc.

It’s a three-minute long prize-winner called “Porcelain Unicorn” from American director Keegan Wilcox.

Our view is much different when see the two children in this video as simple, vulnerable individuals than if we label them as “a Nazi boy” and “a Jewish girl”. I love how this short video expresses how the vulnerability can last a lifetime.

2 Responses to Porcelain Unicorn

  1. morouj says:

    its wonderful scene , it carries high value of sacrifice and friendship …
    thank you deryk, thank you Elizabeth for sharing this video with us
    your friend from Iraq … MOROJ

  2. Thank you for your comment Morouj. I truly believe that we can be on our way to peace when we see people as individuals with needs, or, as my friend Douglas Dolstad has said, “it may be that there aren’t individuals either, just needs.” At any rate, when we make assumptions based on “categories” we are hurting ourselves and others. When we have compassion, regardless of who we’re facing, things become a little bit better for all.

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