Try Googling your own name

What do you know about me from my presence online?

If you have ever asked yourself a question about your online presence — try Googling your own name and see what you find.

I’ve been blogging for several years now as well as ‘microblogging’ (Twitter ) and I’m often inspired to respond to ideas that others have posted. Many connections have been made and traces of those connections are there in the search results. It’s a partial picture but an interesting one.

I find that my sense of involvement in the online community comes from both the self-expressive part AND from reading what others think (and responding to them when I have a question or comment). In fact, I’d say that for me, the “following others” is definitely the more important part.

Im trying to convey this because right now I am working with some educators who are blogging for the first time as part of a course requirement. They have concerns about putting their ideas out in public. I realize that I don’t feel that sense of caution any more because overall, the positive side of the experience has far exceeded any potential negatives. I know that’s not true for everyone but it has certainly worked for me.


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