Imagining Life Beyond “The Economy”

” ‘Democracy’ is the name for all the minor tinkering we’re allowed to do inside the space in which this economy has us locked.” is a quote from an article I’m just getting into — great food for thought at this moment when local occupy movements (Vancouver and Victoria) are being given eviction notices. Written by Ethan Miller, the title is “Imagining Life Beyond ‘The Economy.'”

Here’s the link:

Democracy was intended to be so much more than “minor tinkering” — and I believe that with technologies available now, it can and will reach a much greater potential.

I often try to do such an imagining in the context of a “Little House on the Prairie” scenario, where really there are only

1. people (to do work) and

2. resources (required to build shelter, feed people, an so on)

Then the problem becomes (if you know me, this won’t be a surprise) a distribution problem. How to allocate the work and the resources. The issue of an “economy” doesn’t really have to factor into it when the community is small and connected. Ethan Miller addresses this in a deep and thoughtful way.

I believe (thinking of ideas from Clay Shirky and others) that with social media-style opportunities at our fingertips now, we can become a big “small” community. So I’m optimistic!


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