We need each other to flourish

Microlending is a concept that fascinates me. My first introduction to Kiva a few years ago gave me hope that the direct approach (no bank or charitable organization between me and the person I’m helping) could be a way to make amazing change in the world.

I blogged about it in January

And then went on to blog about my interest in community microlending — which was being facilitated here in Victoria by an energetic person named Lisa Helps and I got to know of her through her promotion of this project.


Now Lisa is running for a council position here and I’m writing here to express my support:

Why am I supporting Lisa Helps for election to Victoria City Council?
• Lisa actively supports food security, sustainable development, real opportunity for young people, innovative approaches to social and economic growth.
• Lisa has a compelling, inclusive and practical vision for building on Victoria’s strengths and helping us create a stronger community:

-    More citizen involvement and a public budgeting process

-    Neighbourhood-building through seed-money grants, greenways for walking and cycling, new recreation areas for families
-    Revitalizing seniors centres to meet the needs and creating new opportunities for this growing group
–    Adding to the economy by creating buy-local networks, and making streets more vibrant with opportunities for street-vendors

-    Bring new affordable housing within reach through innovative local financing options
-    Increasing sustainability through regional transportation initiatives, encouraging local food supplies, and fostering home-based and local businesses.
• Lisa is part of many worlds: the voluntary sector, small business, academia, and represents the best of all of them.
• Lisa has a new economic principle: ‘we need each other to flourish’

Here are some more links:


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