Planning for the next course I teach

I am preparing for the course I’ll be co-teaching starting in a couple of weeks. It’s been a different experience each time — partly because it’s a course dealing with technology and learning and each year there is something new to look at and perhaps incorporate.  And each year the students themselves contribute different things and as always, we hope that the learning will flow both ways: from instructor to student and from student to instructor.

The first few times this course was offered, it didn’t do a lot to address social media.  Now it would seem that something was missing if we didn’t consider this from a range of perspectives.

#LRNT503 will be our twitter tag. I tested it by using it in a tweet on August 5, and I notice today  that a search of that hashtag didn’t find any tweets (the original tweet is still in my “your tweets” list though). So that’s an interesting bit of info related to hashtags. Their lifespan is shorter than two weeks 🙂

I guess that means Twitter, as I already knew, will be a good way to share information that is immediate, but it can’t be seen as a permanent repository – not even for the duration of an eleven week course. And the course itself has a lifespan related to the RRU program. Once these students graduate, they don’t have access to content and postings in their courses.

So, this year, we’ll be trying a new format for building a collection of class resources  that will have a lifespan beyond the course – basically it’s a collaborative blog – hopefully something that will be enticing enough for everyone to participate easily.

More later!


One Response to Planning for the next course I teach

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how your experiment works out with this group.

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