Double Rainbow (Pilchuck style)

Last night was an opportunity to see displays of all the glass work done in session three here at Pilchuck. The energy was fantastic and it a lovely touch is that everyone’s photograph was displayed beside their work, helping with identification. For me, this was a chance to gain unexpected insights about folks I’ve been hanging out with and sharing meals with over the past weeks. Seeing the details of everyone’s work, how they incorporated colour (or lack of) showed whimsy or made more serious pieces and seeing how some pieces exhibited a delicate fragility while others were manifestations of chunky strength — was a way of knowing more about the personalities and minds of each member of this group of wonderful people.

I took a lot of photos for my own memories but I’ll only share one right now. The Double Rainbow.

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

It seems to express something about Pilchuck that resonates with me. The “Double Rainbow” YouTube video that went viral a couple of years ago was an expression of awe that has sort of become a standard way of referencing anything in life that is breathtaking. So it just made sense to me when I kept hearing people here saying “Double Rainbow Man!” when they looked at the breakfast offerings or the sunset view from the lodge or someone’s sketch for a glass piece. It’s a sort of social media ‘highest praise’ term of endearment — allowing yourself to become completely goofy about how enthralled you are about something. And of course, being Pilchuck, the idea has been made into reality in glass. I hadn’t seen any sign of this piece until last night and I burst out laughing when I walked into the Cold Shop and there it was. The true Double Rainbow – solid and enduring.

That feeling (and I’m not ashamed to be goofy about how enthralled I am) is how I feel about Pilchuck!

Double Rainbow Man!!!

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