Lampwork presentations

David Willis and TAs Eric and Jessica presented last night and I am now seeing lampwork in a completely new way. David mentioned his inspiration from nature, His glass bird nests and incredibly tiny and delicate Queen Anne’s Lace pieces were examples.

David described how he wanted his work to show something more than the fact that “on a good day, I’m a good glassblower”. He felt that his social science training made him a cynic, and that learning to be an artist meant he had to become something different. Thinking about Phil Zimbardo for instance, I’d argue that, the social sciences don’t *have* to lead to cynicism. I’d also say that to they extent that cynicism was part of David’s nature (however it got there), getting past it is probably a key to his ‘flow’ as an artist.

David is excited about the as-yet-not-completely-explored potential of borosilicate glass. His large pieces, e.g. life sized sculpture of ‘the artist with his dog’ in a forest of 14ft trees, are astonishing!

And his compiled piece about the Hudson — well it’s a tapestry in glass and is equally amazing.

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