Wednesday was another great day. I got the woodshop to make a notch in a chunk of firewood I had pilfered so now I have a stand for the assembled piece. Soon I’ll have my fiddle (thank you Ivonne) video ready to project onto it. The idea is to show beach glass dancing to fiddle music on the frosted glass. It may be a few too many ideas but only looking at it in a final form will really tell me whether the concept works or not.

After dinner the main speaker was Michiko Sakano – a hot shop artist who mentioned that she is an interpreter for others as well as having her own installations including spheres and feathers (the feathers were real and lived either inside or stuck onto the glass orbs.) Michiko’s TAs are Lindsay, Alan and David. I liked the oilcan theme a lot! Glass oilcans, real oilcans inside glass shells, glass vessels with oilcan lids.

Later, I drank wine from a recently made extremely delicate cup (no oilcans involved).


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