Lampwork expert and more

Sat with Roger Parramore yesterday at lunch but wasn’t able to attend his lampwork presentation. But I did go and shoot some photos of his work after it was done and, well, WOW!

Roger Parramore Lampwork

I sent pictures to Amy and it was sort of funny to be sharing with such immediacy.

And last night’s speakers were the hot shop guys starting with Eddie Bernard from Wet Dog Glass whose expertise in furnaces is amazing. In his presentation I loved the details about the loss of his studio in New Orleans during Katrina, and how that event influenced his view of sustainability, reclaiming energy and helping people by building homes. Then Foster showed his sculpture with light and also his installations which included films of himself creating the installation that were projected on to the installation. Sort of spooky. Then Rick with his glass depictions of working class people. Firefighters, sports, superheros, ending with a great Charlie Parker quote:

“First learn your instrument, then learn the music. Then forget all that shit and just play.”

(Rick is not known for his delicate language and this quote is truly mild in his vocabulary! — he *is* known for being the guy who has figured out a way to reclaim lost heat from the hot shop to distill whiskey.)


4 Responses to Lampwork expert and more

  1. Ricik says:

    I probably should put a lot of curse words in this post so your readers understand me a bit more, but I will spare them. I want to give credit where credit is due. The whiskey venture was only made possible by the awesome trio of doom Eddie Bernard, Foster Turcott, and myself. I may have been the instigator, but Eddie was the wise insister, and Foster was the eager beaver. A lot of shared know how made it happen.

  2. Note on previous post. My fingers are not nimble so I hit enter before correctly attaching my name and details to that previous post. The kids enjoyed the book, thanks for signing it to them.

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