Travel to a distant land to learn about your own hometown

I just had a great conversation with Jay, who is a gaffer in Victoria at a studio I didn’t even know existed (Miramontes Artworks). I guess I just haven’t taken the time when I’m at home — something that needs to change 🙂

Last night’s after-dinner presentation was all related to the Glassimations class I’m taking. Lienors Torre is the instructor and Mel Long and Deirdre Feeney are the TA’s. Their presentation was an opportunity, for me anyway, to revisit the work they had shown us on the first day from the perspective of a week’s worth of our my work. And for sure my thinking has shifted in that week and I understand what they are doing in way that is different from my initial impression. Lienors has such an amazing background in coldwork and her love of clear glass as something to capture the environment around it is very compelling. Also, her knowledge of the history of animation is impressive, although I can see why she switched her PhD topic from “Australian Animation History” to the idea of turning animation into an object (via glass). It suits her. She says she works slowly and precisely and it seems to me that she is focused on creating small, controlled and safe worlds of houses and domestic objects that contain (rather than reflect) what is around them.

Deirdre seems quite close to Lienors in the way she reaches for the quiet and small. Her objects are little glass cinema buildings (often based on actual buildings in Paris) which contain film clips that evoke early moving pictures and magic lanterns.

Mel is quite different — outgoing, green sparkly cape, animator of performance art, contortionist! Need I say more?

It is amazing to be in the first-ever-in-the-world course that combines glass and animation.

Later today I think I’ll really do some writing about my own work here — but first, BREAKFAST!

One Response to Travel to a distant land to learn about your own hometown

  1. derykhouston says:

    HI elizabeth……I am really looking forward to seeing what you have done in real life. Right now…I feel like I am only looking through a keyhole……..and I want to see much more. It is all new to you in so many ways.
    Trust the process……….and good luck with your new adventures.

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