Monday – the beginning of week two, session three, Pilchuck

Saturday night was a presentation by some of the staff members. I love how it’s set up so that all the staff members are artists and their schedules allow them to make art, show their work and talk to the faculty and students here. It’s much more than a cooking and cleaning job to be on staff at Pilchuck! Total community integration done, like everything here, beautifully! The staff members who showed their slides on Saturday night were generally either recent BFA grads or perhaps still working on their programs. Not all were glass majors but all did some work in glass. I don’t have the full names for all of them, David, Michael, Amanda, Wyatt, Jason, Megan (I think that’s it — my notes in the dark were pretty messy). Tons of energy in their work! Lots of recycling and whimsy — from the giant (I mean giant) popsicle (it was a real frozen treat about seven feet tall!) to plastic wrap spiderweb installations that appear in the night to an anarchist’s toolkit to the OCD collection of bottles that was, well, MUCH MUCH worse than my basement (for people who know me, that says a lot!)

Sundays are days when the staff have access to the shops, so students scatter a bit — some went to Tacoma to see the Glass Museum, others slept or hiked or read or worked on non-shop projects. I was fortunate that the animation setup was not being used by staff so I spent a lot of my day creating another animation.

Then I walked around the woods a bit. Found the building called “Trojan Horse”.

Trojan Horse

The story of this, which we learned on our first night, is that it was “slipped in” as a temporary installation after the no-more-buildings rule was in place. I guess nobody had the heart to tear it down. Now you have to sign up to create a temporary installation and I think it truly has to be temporary.

Here are some more pictures:

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