Last night’s presentation was Ross Richmond (one of the hot shop instructors) and two of his assistants.

Ross’s work includes a lot of figures and is very sculptural. He was pretty candid about how he would abandon a series if it wasn’t well received (he did some vessels that were upside down heads, for instance). And how he will rework things.

I particularly liked the torsos of Adam and Eve (which make a comment about how both had been involved in eating the apple) and it seems that this type of work is something he keeps going back to.

His assistants were Danny and Manny – both young guys exploring different ideas like the symbolism of keys and tools e.g. and, (I think it was Danny’s) concept that absolutely cracked me up -and the rest of the audience at the after-dinner talk as well –which was glass “substitute teachers”. These had amazing personalities. Robin Williams in “Hook” used “substitute chemistry teacher” as the ultimate put-down swear word. These glass figures really captured the feeling of the poor hopeless person whose job was to intrude into the worst possible environment (high school classroom) and try to create some kind of order. They were very human and VERY pathetic.



And what did I do yesterday? Wow! So much stuff. We are in the midst of our assembled project so I drove myself insane in the noisy noisy cold shop. The lathe takes forever (this is a combination of the disk being not quite the right one for the job and probably my own lack of strength to hold the glass tightly to it) and because I didn’t know to smooth my edges first, I made a lot of nasty chips. The table saw is nice once I got over being terrified but I didn’t plan something particularly straight so it’s not that much use to me. The grit disk is something I’d love to take home with me. Sandblasting is wonderful too, although our glass is really hard and it takes a long time. Last night I said I’d sleep on the decision of whether to spend more time to fix the icky bits or just keep going. This morning I’m thinking I might try a bit of repair but no more than an hour or so. Yesterday I was on the lathe alone for over two hours, which apparently is nothing to a coldworker. They clearly have special personalities πŸ™‚

But yesterday I also worked on the first step for the next project — which is casting. My idea is a negative-space bottle inside the block of glass and we’ll be incorporating animation into or on these cast pieces, probably using little screens. Mine is to be a message in a bottle so I’m also working on the animated video for that. So much going on at once!
And, I have learned that Pilchuck is a place where your laptop is safe but your beer is not πŸ™‚ There are many fridges but they will be raided if you leave beer in them. Other personal belongings can be left without any worry! Gotta love this place.

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