Food Chain

Yesterday — we really explored animation – viewed a lot including the work of Pes, which I love, talked about strategies and techniques and then made our own little stop motions!

Too much fun.

The power went out as everyone was gathered for lunch. Techies scattered to check kilns and get the generators going for the hot shop (which has an obvious priority). It was a good time to refine a few things in my own piece that didn’t require power, so I worked on the resists for the sandblasting I was about to do.

I used the glass lathe and sandblaster yesterday and, I’m getting there in spite of my klutziness.

The artist-in-residence evening talk was Catherine Chalmers. She showed her work (e.g. Food Chain) that really focuses on the lives of insects. Cockroaches and leaf-cutting ants. She’s here to make a giant glass leaf of the type that leaf-cutting ants would cut.

I have class in a couple of minutes so can’t describe this well, but her website is pretty interesting. I want to check a Daniel Quinn quote from ‘Ishmael’ — he said something about humans being the only species to wipe out competitors simply to create clear space for expanding (or something similar to that, I need the exact quote to be sure). But what Catherine Chalmers showed with the ants at war seems to contradict what Quinn said. I really want to explore this.

We’re going to start a casting project today. Completely new stuff for me so again, I’m learning, learning, learning.


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