1st morning waking up at Pilchuck

So much to write about and really not enough time šŸ™‚

Learned about the history of Pilchuck last night. The speaker and slideshow were awesome and it really did begin as hippies in tents (early 70s). It’s still really quite small (only a hundred people here now, including instructors, my class is 8 students and we have the instructor as well as 2 TAs so it’s a great student-teacher ratio)

We’ll be making something that’s almost like a set design in glass for our first project, then projecting images into it and filming the results. Sort of “Wallace and Gromit” but everything made of glass. At least I think that’s what we’ll be doing. It could morph.

Pictures today show where I work and sleep.

One Response to 1st morning waking up at Pilchuck

  1. Deryk says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    That little set with glass sounds interesting……. it will be nice to see what it sparks for future ideas and projects…….Emily’s window perhaps?

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