Technology and Data Visualization Tools

Hans Rosling’s recent talk is about, well, the meaning of life, education, technology, progress, and more, all wrapped around the humble washing machine. If you aren’t familiar with Rosling’s data visualization tools (GapMinder) the video above is a great place to start even though he doesn’t focus on his classic “moving dots” (see for that.) You’ll find you may want to explore further. He says “Our goal is to replace devastating myths with a fact-based world view. Our method is to make data easy to understand.” follow him on twitter at @HansRosling and check his website:

And you may also want to check out Karen Blumberg — a prolific tweeter on educational topics who can be followed at @SpecialKRB. She has recently posted detailed information in her blog about Rosling and his work – directed towards the 7th Grade math curriculum. Don’t let the middle-school focus fool you. These concepts and the amazing technology supporting them can be applied to any situation involving complex data. The first time I saw this truly beautiful way of viewing trends over time and across socioeconomic dimensions, I felt that this might just be the method of presentation that could explain the world to an audience in a way that has never been done before and lead to more informed decision-making at all levels. See:

Note: this was also posted on the RRU blog:


One Response to Technology and Data Visualization Tools

  1. Karen Blumberg says:

    Thank you for the props! I was wondering why I had a boost in traffic to this particular post… 🙂

    Hans Rosling and GapMinder has made such a difference in helping me and my students make sense of so much information. Also, it’s an incredble interdisciplinary resource!


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