In the Online Classroom using Artistic Pedagogical Technologies – Chapt 7

September 1, 2010

Beth Perry and Margaret Edwards are the authors of Chapter 7 in Emerging Technologies in Distance Education

“Artistic Pedagogical Technologies” (APTs) are especially intriguing to me because I’m a huge supporter of the arts (and even have my own passion for creating art from recycled glass, see Yet somehow, with time crunches, learning outcomes and curriculum requirements, the aesthetic side of learning can become a lower priority.

So when Perry and Edwards reference culture and the arts and discuss  APTs built with technology to promote collaboration and constructivism — I feel inspired. Their chapter discusses technologies that support interaction, social presence and community in online educational venues and explores how the strategies for their use can be based on concepts from the arts, incorporating literary, visual, musical and dramatic elements.

In my blog I’ve often written about creativity and innovation (and how these can be facilitated through technology) from the point of view of greats like Sir Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Michael Wesch, Clay Shirky and others. I’m a huge fan of the integration of curriculum topics and one of the reasons I love having the rich personal learning network (supported by social media) is that my PLN connects me to people who share my interests but also bring their own varying backgrounds into the picture – filling gaps that I may not have known existed.

In designing and implementing online learning environments, there’s more that can be done to build the bridges, for instance, between the arts and sciences or to give any subject area a deeper focus on human connections and make it more beautiful.  Perry and Edwards use their chapter to provide some concrete examples in the online learning environment (like conceptual quilting) and this chapter can certainly be a springboard for further discussion and research on the topic.

This is from the “Elizabeth Tweets” series of chapter-by-chapter blog posts related to the new book “Emerging Technologies in Distance Education“, edited by George Veletsianos and published by Athabasca University Press (including a freely available e-book version).