Alec Couros, Chapter 6 “Developing Personal Learning Networks for Open and Social Learning”

Alec Couros is one of (at least) two educator brothers that are in my personal learning network (PLN). Alec is a fellow Canadian and I’ve found many interesting educational resources by following his tweets.

Alec is also the author of Chapter 6 in “Emerging Technologies in Distance Education”, a chapter that happens to be about “Developing Personal Learning Networks for Open and Social Learning” so the chapter is especially interesting to me because it reflects what I’ve been experiencing.

The chapter is about an open teaching project. An open course was developed to address the role of Social Media/Web 2.0 in education. The chapter deals with the theory and social justice premise that informed the project’s design, the development process and tools used for the course, the unexpected uptake, and, to me the most important part, the ongoing “authentic, dynamic and fluid” learning connections that emerged. I wasn’t a direct participant in the project described, but I was in contact with people who were and certainly my awareness of the project led me to add people to my PLN that I might not have known about otherwise – sort of a ripple-out effect.

If you search on Google for “EC&I 831” (this was the course identification) you’ll find many links to wikis, youtube videos and more that were part of this course and I believe that browsing through some of this material provides an insight into the flavour of what is described in the chapter itself.

This is from the “Elizabeth Tweets” series of chapter-by-chapter blog posts related to the new book “Emerging Technologies in Distance Education“, edited by George Veletsianos and published by Athabasca University Press (including a freely available e-book version).

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  1. […] (Personal Learning Network – see my blog post on Chapter 6 where Alec Couros describes this…) with PLE being more focused on the technology and PLN more focused on the networking of people. […]

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