Could Nixty become the YouTube of online lessons?

I spent a bit of time over the last day or two playing with the Nixty platform.

From their website is the statement that they want to “create a service with the outrageous goal of empowering education for everyone” and it looks like they may just be on the right track. It appears to be an e-learning platform that’s super simple to use and it’s free as long as you don’t charge your learners. It allows the creation of Wiki courses and includes e-portfolios and a very basic quiz tool. It can embed all kinds of media and although the editing/development tools are not all fully functional yet – the potential is pretty amazing.

But most exciting of all (at least to me) it’s got a really strong social media/open concept incorporated into its basic design. It could just be the structure required to create a coherent worldwide community of open learning.

I contacted the team and was told that mobile should be available by early 2011, so that seems to complete the picture of a place where anybody can engage in some just-in-time, just-enough, just-for-me learning experiences.


One Response to Could Nixty become the YouTube of online lessons?

  1. princekoj says:

    Very interesting. I will surely be looking into this. I am a former student of George Veletsianos when he taught at The University of Manchester.

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