“Emerging Technologies in Distance Education” and blog commenting

It is getting close to the publication date for “Emerging Technologies in Distance Education” (edited by George Veletsianos and including a chapter I’ve written with my colleague BJ Eib) so I went to George’s blog to see if he had any updates regarding whether June was still the target date. What I found was a really interesting conversation that shows that even blog posts that are seven or eight months old can spring to life with new comments.

In this case, it is some back and forth related to an early posting of the draft conclusions from the book — generally on the topic of balance…. while we celebrate the emerging technologies in Distance Ed, “we should also remain cognizant of the fact that resistance and failures are possible, and, if documented in the literature, helpful.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing the kinds of conversations that emerge once the complete book is available. My understanding is that it will, like others in the Terry Anderson series, be freely available for download and also available for purchase in print. With this kind of accessibility, I expect that the book will be discussed by a few of the folks in my Personal Learning Network (I follow a lot of wonderful educators on Twitter, for example) and it could be an opportunity for lots of new ideas to bubble forth.

http://www.aupress.ca/index.php/books/120177 is the Athabasca University link to the information currently available about this book.


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