Thoughts on Tim O’Reilly’s Open University Video

First of all, I really like Tim O’Reilly’s women-in-tech post from yesterday…


Back in January, using the iPhone development model as an analogy, O’Reilly considers what things would be like if universities let developers (in this case, the professors) “innovate and distribute content to users (students) in new and efficient ways?”

He says that Open Standards have been the driver of all tech innovation. Content was put out first and then (e.g. Google) strategies for dealing with it were developed. And it has be a profound change — an example being how “search” has triumphed over the model of cataloguing.

Can universities really “let go” of control in this way? I suspect that if they don’t, they’ll become pretty much irrelevant.

O’Reilly says that the mission must change. It won’t be about delivering courses to enrolled students. Rating is key.

My interpretation is that this means reaching out to everyone and providing credit for learning that takes place no matter where.

DGREE—Tim O’Reilly from DGREE on Vimeo.


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