Looking at the chapters for “Emerging Technologies in Distance Education”

My colleague BJ Eib and I have had the chance to see the full book in proof format as part of our completion of final edits for the chapter we have written.

It’s about to be made available in:

George Veletsianos Ed.
Emerging Technologies in Distance Education

The book is scheduled to be published in June of this year, and we’re excited about its great content.

There are four main sections along with an introduction and conclusion. Some topics leapt out at me and I’ve alphabetized them here:

  • authentic learning
  • communication/interaction
  • design
  • foundations
  • immersive environments
  • implementation (using various tools)
  • informal learning
  • multiple/changing roles
  • open courseware
  • participatory environments (Web 2.0)
  • pedagogy/andragogy
  • personal learning environments/networks
  • structured dialogue design
  • web analytics

and more.

In my initial skimming, I see a commonality of focus on the social/participatory/communicative side of learning, and I see implementation strategies supported by theory. This is really encouraging!

I know I’ll be blogging more because I want to engage in some conversations about a range of ideas in the book, once it is available to all.


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