Longest Married Couple – there’s no secret :-)

I don’t know how many people on the web already know about the longest married couple who have tweeted today (Valentine’s Day) with their answers to 14 relationship questions out of the hundreds that have been submitted. But in case you haven’t heard about them, after 85 years of marriage, it seems that their answers are worth thinking about. Follow them here: @longestmarried

For example:

Q3 (From  @SeanCPow ) Is there anything you would do differently after more than 80 years of marriage?

A3 (From @longestmarried) We wouldn’t change a thing.There’s no secret to our marriage, we just did what was needed for each other & our family.

No Secret! I guess I just have to put those words on this page one more time. It could be the answer to a lot of questions actually. Do what’s needed.

Zelmyra and Herbert are 102 and 104 years old and this is their picture.

longest Married Couple

Longest Married Couple, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher


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