2010 wish – compassion and self-compassion for all

Education and all the ways that technology can support it are of course high on my list of things to work for and wish for, but the things I’ve thought about most deeply over the past few months lead me to believe that the most important foundations for anything we can do are compassion (which I’ve already blogged about frequently) and self compassion (a newer topic for me).



“Recognizing our essential interdependence, therefore, failings and life difficulties do not have to be taken so personally, but can be acknowledged with non-judgmental compassion and understanding,” is a quote from the second link which describes the attitude that can allow us to mindfully experience our difficulties without dwelling on them. Seems to be a necessary step in a lot of growth processes.

So my end-of-year/end-of-decade wish is for these ideas to spread, and my goal is to incorporate them into my life whenever possible.


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