A holiday with meaning….

Well, I guess the fact that I haven’t blogged in nearly a month says something about what takes priority for me at this time of year — preparations for the holidays, including the little glass business I share with my daughter Amy and the community craft fairs we do leading up to Christmas. But also the organizing and planning for a family event that, as the LA Times says “has meaning for all, celebrators and skeptics alike”:


So, to get more personal than I usually do in this blog, I’ll describe the dinner yesterday. Because we have homestays who don’t always go back to their country of origin (I don’t say “home” because while they are here I like to convince myself that this is their home) during the break, it’s especially fun to bring out the old traditions. This year was great because Hangyeong’s parents came to visit and our Christmas day included them. They smelled a snipping of our decorated tree to be convinced that it was real. They loved our fireplaces – clearly not the norm in Korea. We exchanged presents and they have left a bucket of KimChee for their son that, well, probably contains over two gallons.

We shared a few appetizers and then sat down to a big table full of family and new acquaintances eating turkey, ham, two varieites of vegetarian stuffing, brussels sprouts, turnips, carrots, potatoes, rice, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, flaming plum pudding (I love to bring this out for foreign guests) and ice cream. Oh and some spirits and those gunpowder Christmas Crackers as well (Mrs; Yu didn’t expect the “crack” and she jumped and screamed). And a great conversation with lots of translating (Mr Yu’s English-Korean dictionary was used several times).

Driving them back to their hotel we detoured around town to see the lit-up houses, including gorgeous little Oak Bay Avenue. It felt nice to share these things. Christmas lights are one of the prettiest things I know. So many things change in this world, but somehow the consistency of reviving certain emotions each December (happy and not-so) brings a consistency to my life.

Anyway, the Boxing Day, clear-out-the-cobwebs activity was a walk around the golf course. Gorgeous day and my little cellphone captured the streaky light in a delightful way — I love this part of the world.


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