Tribes, Pro-D, Sir Ken Robinson & more

Here’s a blog post showing the use of a Ning site to
“break the culture of professional isolation”

Having been to Sir Ken Robinson’s talk yesterday (and I read most of his book on the ferry coming home – finishing it this a.m. and hope to be blogging much more about it soon) I’m thinking of his terminology of “tribes” (we tend to require support to be creative) and also thinking about how much easier tribes are to find with Social Media tools.

Which leads me to revisit some earlier thoughts about tribes: in the context of a Kevin Kelly’s article — arguments against technology

The idea of insiders and outsiders implies those who adopt something new and those who resist changing, and this fits with a thought I had when responding to Yule Heibel who looked at Kelly’s reasons and added her own — that technology disturbs a comfort zone. I blogged about what this might mean in a repressive regime.

But I guess that’s what the ‘third cycle’ of world-changing ideas might be about – change made possible because of the ways that like-minded innovation-friendly folks can find each other (like never before).

And perhaps tribes can now also disband and re-form into new tribes with a new ease as well… once informed, it’s just as easy for one person to take another away by the hand as it is to bring them in. No residual loyalty — only participating when it’s a good fit to do so. If information is allowed to flow (and if the population has acquired filtering skills, we mustn’t forget Clay Shirky here) tribes will emerge to create necessary change.

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