Utah State U.’s OpenCourseWare Closes Because of Budget Woes


I knew I’d be blogging more about David Wiley…

On his blog he asks “Without any special authority to do so, may I please give you a homework assignment? Would you please blog about why you choose to be open?”

Hopefully many people will respond to his request.

I can certainly say that any work I’ve done towards that direction is because of a belief I have that it’s our main hope for social advancement. I’ve been inspired by many people along the way. Clay Shirky articulates this much better than I can… about pooling the cognitive surplus and how technology can support that. Or Michael Wesch and his vision of relevance & education, or Hans Rosling, and his visualizations of data that is freely accessible.

There are many many others.  This is not something that will go away, no matter what the current funding hiccups are…


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