Media and scientific interpretation

Jeffrey R. Young interviewed Aryn C. Karpinski, for an article in The Chronicle

Basically, the hype about Facebook lowering academic performance has been an overstatement of her early findings, and completely ignores what we should all know from our first introduction to stats: correlation does not imply causality.

I see a lot of reporting — medical, educational, etc., where research studies are interpreted in a Very Sloppy Manner and all kinds of bizarre conclusions follow.

Part of a world that simply needs greater critical thinking (so let’s teach it!)


One Response to Media and scientific interpretation

  1. ewellburn says:

    Just adding to this post with a link to an amazing resource — it’s an online course from the World Federation of Science Journalists and it’s about scientific journalism. Available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese), the course offers content that could be useful for a wide range of purposes, including self-teaching questions that would be great discussion starters for pretty much anyone past middle school level.

    I will be promoting this. I have a strong opinion when it comes to the need for education towards greater critical thinking!

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